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iMerchant is revolutionary. Our service takes an existing database of customers and offers the possibility to convert then to monthly recurring income. iMerchant takes a one-time SALE and makes that sale GO MONTHLY! Using iMerchant, businesses now have the ability to produce ONGOING revenue from existing customer sources. Offer your products and services for FREE and get PAID. Receive instant and recurring revenue for products and services you currently promote.

Become part of the iMerchant network. iMerchant partners with high-end businesses only. We select businesses with in-demand products and services of high quality. We would like to add your premium business to our site directory. iMerchant does not replace your current billing platform, we enhance it. Place an iMerchant link or graphic on your promotion page and let customers know that your product is part of the iMerchant network. Your product is actually FREE with an iMerchant membership, because it is bundled with other products in our network.

iMerchant provides the tools to maximize site profits and generate revenue through bundling, pay per clicks, revenue sharing, greater site exposure, affiliate tools, and exponential monthly profits.


Offer certificates and discounts for your existing product or service and get PAID. Offer a discount to your product or service and GET PAID! iMerchant will pay your company, to offer a discount or a certificate to your product or service. By offering a discount or a certificate, your company will increase revenue, loyalty and brand recognition.

iMerchant will place your site on our directory, realizing your company an additional customer base and income potential. Increase customer retention and GET PAID by giving your product away for free or offering a certificate to it, a discount to it, or bunding it with similar products and services. Increase customer loyalty and GET PAID for it!


iMerchant will convert a large portion of customers who had not planned to purchase from your site. By bundling your product or service with other companies, and supplying it for FREE, you will entice a much higher percentage of browsers to convert, adding instant and monthly income. GET PAID by giving your product or service away for FREE! Convert browsers into BUYERS by offering your product or service for free and get PAID!

Increase conversion rates by giving your product or service away for FREE. Increase conversion rates by offering incentives to your customers IF they have an iMerchant membership. Give your product away for FREE if they have an iMerchant CERTIFICATE NUMBER and GET PAID! Offer a discount to you product when an iMerchant membership is purchased and GET PAID!

Retain loyal customers that are listed in your database. These customers can easily be converted to recurring customers. Imagine having 10,000 paid customers in your database and converting them to monthly recurring revenue! iMerchant is a perfect way to offer them additional products and services, upgrades to newer services and upgrades to newer product versions.


iMerchant PAYS YOU to give your product or service AWAY FOR FREE! iMerchant is a bundling service; giving customers access to products and services for a membership fee. Business owners simply give their products away for FREE. The customer purchases an iMerchant membership, and access to your product or service is granted. The customer is now assigned to you and you will reap all the benefits and rewards of a income stream that is ongoing!

iMerchant is a payment and bundling platform which provides you with a secondary income stream to monetize your existing traffic, brings you additional traffic sources and pays you to give your product away for FREE! iMerchant will bundle your product or service. Customers interested in the benefits of your product or service will be able to purchase instant access to it. The focus of attention will be on your product or service as customers will receive updates on changes, improvements or feature advancements. Bundle your product and GET PAID to give it away for FREE!


Monetize your current traffic. If you need a payment system, iMerchant is your solution. We do billing, payment tracking, customer tracking, database management, payroll and disbursement. GET PAID by wire, check, ACH, PAYPAL!

iMerchant does not replace your current payment model. iMerchant is a supplement to your model. The goal is additional revenue and customer awareness. By extending a second choice to visitors to your site, your company is optimizing the potential of the traffic, engaging the customer to read deeper into your promotional material.

Maximize profits and generate revenue. Build up a stream of customers that you send to iMerchant. The earnings from this database is YOURS and each month, you are RECEIVING MONIES. Your business is GETTING PAID monthly residuals by simply giving your product away for FREE!

By improving your product with a new version or enhancing your service with a new feature, loyal customers will remain loyal. Product and service enhancements are vital to sustaining growth. iMerchant has the ability to sell a CERTIFICATE or a DISCOUNT to your site. iMerchant customers may enter a CERTIFICATE to receive FREE SHIPPING, quantity discounts, and bonus products. This technique draws a customer to your product or service, thereby assigning him to your account for monthly revenue!

Converting emails into SALES is never easier with iMerchant. Online businesses with dormant emails have the opportunity to reinvigorate their customers by converting those customers in paying monthly members.

New and existing businesses know that customer satisfaction is vital to growth. Products and services with trial programs expire, leaving businesses with no future revenue sources. By re-focussing these customers on the iMerchant brand, businesses can direct customer attention so as to add another income source to their model.


Currently your company is receiving traffic through link exchanges, direct marketing, seo, paid placement, aquisition cost or pay per click. Still, a majority of visitors never click past the first page, with most closing your site, within the first 10 seconds. iMerchant will organize your product or service into a category, which is searchable. This allows visitors to browse other related sites that are bundled along with yours. As the sale is made on your site, your company receives credit and compensation. Amazingly, visitors that would have closed your site, have now purchased through it!

Secure access to your sites without any software installation


Customers love iMerchant because they have many sites to choose from. When a customer chooses your product or service, you will be PAID per usage revenue! This means that any time your product or service is requested by an existing member, you will receive compensation.

As a high quality, in demand website, and an integral part of the iMerchant network, you will receive a PER CLICK allowance when a customer chooses your product or service. This means that you will receive instant revenue, recurring revenue and PER USAGE revenue when your product or service is selected by an existing member!


Increase brand exposure while GETTING PAID! iMerchant is a useful tool for increasing brand exposure. Being listed on our site directory promotes your business to all current and future members. When your business is selected, the customer will be able to read your promotional material. When selecting your product or service, the customer becomes assigned to you. This assignment generates instant income and future proceeds allowing you to GET PAID with iMerchant.

iMerchant and it's participating webmasters provide a gateway for searchable products and services that customers want and demand. iMerchant accelerates brand exposure thru direct promotion of category pages, affiliate marketing, and matching keywords with active product types. This allows customers to extend their focus on your product or service, increasing exposure of your brand.

By cross-promotion and cross-branding, your service will garner more attention. Customers through-out the iMerchant network will be able to hear about you product or service. The use of keywords and filters will allow for greater exposure. Word of mouth of existing customers landing on your page will increase your site's exposure and membership. Expose your brand to thousands of high-quality customers. Enjoy free clicks and reduce the expense of paying for impressions or ppc. In essence, iMerchant spends money to promote your site. iMerchant allocates resources to acquire affiliates on your behalf.


Monthly renewal revenue makes iMerchant a lucrative secondary billing partner. Businesses receive an initial and recurring revenue in addition to PER USAGE revenue. The key benefit to iMerchant is the process. Your business GIVES away you product or service for FREE, yet, you are assigning a customer to the iMerchant network. INSTEAD of reaping one-time revenue from a sale, you have succeeded in making that sale a monthly revenue stream!

iMerchant webmasters will receive monthly recurring revenue, per each of their customers that continue to use the service. Accurate statistics will display in real-time, monitoring customer access and usability. While recurring customers are generating ongoing income, new customers will expand your database and increase income, so as to exponentially increase your profits. GET PAID to offer your service for FREE!

iMerchant assists in capturing sales that otherwise would be lost. iMerchant expands your sites exposure, focussing attention on your product or service. iMerchant allows customers to take advantage of a secondary payment solution, providing customer access to desired products and services in your industry.


Acquire new customers with ease. iMerchant utilizes our vast resources to draw attention to our directory, where your site is listed. iMerchant will never capture a customer browsing your site. This customer will be assigned to you and YOU WILL GET PAID!

iMerchant will maintain a directory of sites and associate them with silimar sites. Customers will be able to select the exact type of product or service that they desire. With co-branding of similar products and services, webmasters can reduce marketing costs and focus on customer satisfaction and product enhancements.

Properly categorizing your product or service is vital. Awareness of your product's selling points will permit you to sell more software, sell more games, sell more services, sell more digital goods, sell more content/publishing, and sell more stuff!


Bunding is a new and exciting concept which may decrease your cost per aquisition and enhance your brand awareness. iMerchant is unique and revolutionary in providing this service, which converts your site's browsers in buyers, offering incentives to capture new customers!

Reduce marketing costs by bunding with other services. No matter what service or product you are providing, iMerchant can easily bundle that product and make it exponentially easier to sell. So if your product or service has intrinsic value but you are not getting the sales that you demand, iMerchant can help!

As a customer, would you be content for paying a fixed cost for 1 product or would you rather stretch your money by selecting from a selection of high quality products or services. Bunding allows maximum exposure for your product while allowing the customer to freely browse products that clearly interest them.


  1. Offer to upgrade your customer's product/service from standard to premium, when signing up for iMerchant
  2. Renew your members' subscriptions
  3. Expiring trials, free versions, upsells, newsletter promotions, trial versions can be converted into monthly revenue
  4. Reactivate lapsed users by offering free renewals
  5. Earn more per transaction with recurring revenue
  6. iMerchant Integrates with all e-commerce platforms/shopping carts
  7. iMerchant provides personalized 1 on 1 support FREE and NO liability for chargebacks
  8. Offer free shipping, speedy shipping, free gifts, incentives, or deep discounts when a customer inputs an iMerchant CERTIFICATE
  9. Give customers a discount knowing that their long-term value is worth significantly more than the discount you?re providing
  10. Offer a free trial to your site, service, newsletter or product
  11. Place a THIS PRODUCT FREE! w/iMerchant link/graphic on your high-traffic PROMOTION PAGE!
  12. Customers instantly receive access to YOUR PRODUCT FREE!
  13. Customers will receive instant access to additional products FREE over the next 30 days!
  14. Sell your product or service ONCE and continue to receive monthly revenue
  15. Partner with established businesses promoting similar products and services

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